What BOB is all about

What BOB is all about

Our Carroll County residents are familiar with the Bacon Bowl football contest between the Carroll and Delphi Schools.  A few years ago, a new match had the two schools competing in a meeting of the minds between the two high schools.  In 2006, the Carroll Junior High and the Delphi Community MIddle School joined the fun with the first Bacon "Bits" Battle of the Books competition. 


Teachers from both schools collaborate in the spring months to choose several titles and then narrow the choices down to ten books.  These books are listed on the schools' websites each year.  Over the summer months, teachers from both schools read and then write questions to be used in the competitions the following school year.  Both the Flora and the Delphi Public Libraries are involved.


The books are announced in December and the students then begin forming their own teams. The Delphi Middle school holds a preliminary paper/pencil test usually the end of February to narrow down the teams to a managable number.  This is done during the school day.  In early March, there will be a competition between the top 10-12 teams.  Working in teams, the students will answer questions over the books that are read to them.  The top two teams become the Delphi Middle School BOB team and will compete against Carroll's top team.  The winner that night gets to keep the coveted skillet trophy. 


The local winning team members receive shirts, have their names engraved on the DCMS trophy and each get Barnes and Noble gift certificates provided by the Friends of the Delphi Public Library.  Others sponsors iclude Indiana Packers and the Delphi Education Foundation.