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Welcome to the LMC. 

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All about Lexiles



Each year, our students take assessments, either Acuity or SRI, to determine their reading lexile score. Lexiles are a measure of a student’s reading ability. The actual definition of a lexile is a number indicating the reading demand of the text in terms of the semantic difficulty (vocabulary) and syntactic complexity (sentence length). The Lexile scale ranges from 200 to 1700 lexiles.  The lexile framework allows us to match the student’s ability to text.


All of the Reading Counts books in our Library Media Center have been color coded to match student lexile levels. During the student’s first visit to the LMC, the reading teachers give the studnets their lexile score privately. The students may or may not choose to share this score with others.


Teacher’s requirements for reading vary from grade to grade but all use the lexile framework to ensure that students are reading at or above their abilities for most of their reading assignments. There will always be times that reading below the personal lexile is acceptable. Check with the individual teachers to determine what the requirements are for your child’s reading grade.


The goal of the Reading Counts Program is to improve the overall reading ability of each student in our middle school. By matching the student’s interest to their reading ability, their overall reading experience should be successful.


Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions about this program and your child’s progress.